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Born out of the woodlands and pastures of East-Central Texas, Rancho Volsa Basias was built with Gwen and Mine own four hands into our own little piece of the Promised Land two miles east of beautiful downtown Dew, Texas. We raise Boer and Boer X goats and worthless BLM rescue donkeys on 116 acres of improved pasture and woodlands. Our goats are pasture raised with a minimal amount of feed and medications. Our nannies are expected to have kids in the pasture, clean them up, nurse them with their life giving first milk, then go on back to foraging to raise their newborns. Our nannies are culled heavily for birthing and mothering instincts, and parasite resistance. We ain’t got no barn babies around here!
Our Bucks are Thunderbolt from Tumbleweed Boers in Lubbock, Texas, Full Throttle from Widener Boers, and Hulk’s B.B. from Flying S Boer Goats in Blanket, Texas. T-Bolt as we affectionately call him was bought from Jack & Evelyn Culp and has a lot of the traits seen in what is called the “new style” bucks of a longer and less deep frame with wider shoulders, loin, and butt. He is very muscular! Full Throttle is very long and stocky and heavy muscled. B.B. is an offspring of Flying S’ Hulkster, a magnificent show Buck.
We have been purchasing select does from Carleton Ranch and Flying S Boers and retaining the best of our own breedings to improve our blood lines and our herd. We have also added Molly the Nubian milk goat and Boots, Hattie, and Cathleen the Nubians continue to grow like tall weeds and will provide milk for our herd (and Gwen too!).

We feel so strong about our proven Goatmeister genetics that we would like you to remember that all of out goats come with a guarantee: Four legs and a tail or double your money back! ;^)>>